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Dave Brubeck - Jazz Compositions

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Back To Earth l'd Walk A Country Mile Por Que No? (Why Not?)
Balcony Rock I'm Still ln Love With A Girl Called Oli Prayer Of St. Francis Of Assisi
Basie Band Is Back ln Town, The Fast Life Princess
Be Natural Blues Festival Hall Psalm 33
Benjamin Final Curve Psalm 4O
Bessie Five For Ten Small Fingers Psalm 1O4
Bifocal Blues For Iola Quiet As The Moon
Blow Satchmo Forty Days Randy Jones
Blue Lake Tahoe Fourth Of July Recuerdo
Blue Rondo A La Turk Fujiyama Reflections Of You
Blue Shadows ln The Street Gerry-Go-Round Remember Who You Are
Blues For Joe God's Love Made Visible Remembrance Of Madeleine
Blues For Mister Broadway Golden Horn, The Milhaud
Blues For Newport Good Reviews Rising Sun
Bluette Goodbye Old Friend Rondo
Bossa Nova U.S.A. Her Name Is Nancy Ronnie Buttacavoli
Brandenburg Gate Here Comes McBride Rotterdam Blues
Breaking A Wild Horse Home At Last

The Roundup Starts Tomorrow at Dawn

Briar Bush Home Without Iola
Broadway Bossa Nova Hometown Blues Roy Hargrove
Broadway Romance Hot Cakes Sahra
Brotherly Love How Does Your Garden Grow Salmon Strikes, The
Bru's Blues I Didn't Know' Til You Told Me Salute To Stephen Foster
Bru's Boogie Woogie I Love Vienna Sermon On The Mount
Cable Car I See, Satie Shish Kebab
Calcutta Blues l'd Walk A Country Mile Since Love Had It's Way
Cantiga Nova Swing I'm Still ln Love With A Girl Called Oli Sixth Sense
Cassandra lberia Slow And Easy (Lawless Mike)
Castilian Blues I'm Home So Lonely
Castillian Drums ln Search Of A Theme So Wistfully Sad
Charles Matthew Hallelujah ln The Lurch Soaring
Chasin' Yourself ln Time Of Silver Rain Softly, William, Softly
Chicken And The Ducklings, The ln Your Own Sweet Way Something To Sing About
Chorale lndian Song Sounds Of The Loop
Christmas At The Ranch lrnao Amigo (Brother Friend) Tokyo Traffic
Circadian Dysrhythmia It's A Raggy Waltz Southern Scene (Briar Bush)
City Is Crying, The It's déjà vu All Over Again Spring ln Central Park
Closing Theme Jazzanians Stompin' For Mili
Closing Time Blues Joe Lovano Tango Strange Meadowlark
Concordia Joshua Redman Summer Music
Conversation Kathy's Waltz Summer On The Sound
Countdown King For A Day Summer Song
Crazy Chris Knives Sun Up
Crescent City Stomp Koto Song Sweet Cleo Brown
Crossing, The Lamento Swing Bells
Cultural Exchange Le Souk Tao
Curtain Time Let Joys Be Joined Thank You (Dziekuje)
Dad Plays The Harmonica Lofty Thought Blues The Dream Keeper
Dancin' ln Rhythm London Flat, London Sharp There'll Be No Tomorrow
Danse Duet Lonely Mr. Broadway They All Sang Yankee Doodle
Darius Lonesome They Say I Look Like God
Darling Nellie Gray Look At My Pony Things You Never Remember, The
Dave N' Darius Looking At A Rainbow This Is A Rainy Day
Dave The Brave Lord, Lord Three To Get Ready
Day After Day Lost Waltz Time ln
Deck The House With Boughs Of Pine Love And Anger Time Of Our Madness, The
Desert And The Parched Land, The Lullaby Time Was
Dizzy's Dream Lullaby Of Mexico Toki's Theme
Don't Forget Me Lyon's Busy Too Young For Growing Old
Dream Keeper, The Maori Blues Travelin' Blues
Duke, The Marble Arch Tritonis
Easy As You Go Marian McPartland Two Part Contention
Elana Joy  Mariel Unisphere
Elegy Melanctha Unsquare Dance
Everybody's Jumpin' Memories Of A Viennese Park Upstage Rumba
Far More Blue Michael Brecker Waltz Vento Fresco (Cool Wind)
Far More Drums Michael, My Second Son Walkin' Line
Fast Life Mission Ranch Blues Waltz Limp
Festival Hall Mister Broadway Waltz, The
Final Curve Moody Waltzing
Five For Ten Small Fingers Mr. Broadway (Theme) Watusi Drums
For Iola Mr. Fats We Crossed The Rhine
Forty Days My One Bad Habit We Will All Remember Paul
Fourth Of July New Wine Weep No More
Fujiyama Newport Waltz When l Was A Child
Gerry-Go-Round Real Ambassadors, The When I Was Young
God's Love Made Visible Nomad When Jesus Spoke
Golden Horn, The Nostalgia De Mexico Who Will Take Care Of Me?
Good Reviews Ode To A Cowboy Winter Ballad
Goodbye Old Friend Oh You Can Run (But Cant Hide) Wisdom
Her Name Is Nancy Oh, So Blue World's Fair, The
Here Comes McBride Once When I Was Very Young