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Newport Jazz FestivalPlease contact me if:

1.You have images of Dave Brubeck concerts, programs or memorabilia not already detailed on this, site and you believe it would benefit from their presence. Please forward them and I will consider for inclusion.

2.You spot factual or typographical errors. A website of this magnitude is impossible for one person to research and develop without there having been some, particularly in the “Recordings” section.

3.To advise on any copyright issues; I will address immediately.

4. You want to comment on any aspect of the website or just want to chat about any aspect of Dave Brubeck’s music or career.

I will answer every email but as I will do in my spare time it may take a little while.

Do not contact me if:

 1. You have a proposal for advertising on this website. It is an advertising free zone.

2. You want to download or purchase material; there is nothing for sale or distribution.

3. You want to license any Dave Brubeck music or recordings. To make such requests please go to the official Dave Brubeck website, here.

Email: info@davebrubeckjazz.com