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Other Media

Letter to fans on release of "Time In"

Dave sends a letter to fans celebrating the 15th anniversary of the formation of the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

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University Of Pacific - Magazine review - 2009

A wonderful piece from the "Pacific Review" magazine, University of the Pacific, Dave's alma mater, published in 2009. It review Dave's entire musical right up to 2009 , days before he received the Kennedy Center Honor.

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Dave Brubeck Voice Track Record - Jazz Impressions Of Eurasia

When Columbia issued the LP “Jazz Impressions of Eurasia" they issued an additional LP for distribution to radio stations for broadcast.

On the first half of the LP is an interview with Dave discussing all aspects of his 1958 World Tour sponsored by the State Department.

On the second side Dave discusses the development of the following compositions included on "Jazz Impressions of Eurasia". He also discusses various aspects of the State Tour.

1. Nomad
2. Brandenburg Gate
3. The Golden Horn
4. Thank You (Dziekuje)
5. Marble Arch
6. Calcutta Blues

The DJ used the discussion from the Voice Track LP and then played the tune from the album.

Columbia distributed this transcription to radio stations with the unique “Dave Brubeck Voice Track Record”.

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Columbia Press Release

Celebrating his 50th year as a recording artist, and 17 years he spent at Columbia Records from 1953 to l970, Columbia issued five long out-of-print Columbia LPs of the 1950s and '60s (three of the five including rare, previously unreleased material). All were remastered and remixed under the personal supervision of Dave and Russell Gloyd.

In addition they released an entire album's worth of material from 1967, “ Buried Treasures” .

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Associated Booking Corp.

Dave’s agent for concerts in the mid 1950’s, was Associated Booking Corp.  They also were Louis Armstrong’s agents.

This file is a rare item of correspondence memorabilia, forwarded to a promoter offering both Dave and Louis for concerts, and signed by both of them.

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Penn World Attractions

Penn World Attractions were a company used to promote, the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

This press manual file, was produced circa 1960, and distributed to concert promoters who had or were contemplating hiring the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

In a covering note, Penn World Attractions stated: “We suggest you rewrite those parts of this manual that would be suitable in your local newspapers, filling in spaces. By doing this you will have more assurance of this publicity appearing in newsprint.”

The press file includes a synopsis of Dave Brubeck groups, albums released, bios of the Quartet, and concert and TV appearances. It also included an article from the New York Times Magazine, in June 1958, of the Quartets State sponsored tour.

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This is a very interesting booklet issued in 1961, by BMI( Broadcast Music, Inc.), a U.S. performing rights organization that collects license fees on behalf of songwriters, composers, and music publishers and distributes them as royalties to those members whose works have been performed.

The booklet includes a biography of Dave and a listing of songs he composed and issued on recent albums, or songs composed by others and included on Dave Brubeck albums, e.g. Dave van Kriedt compositions on “Reunion”.

Many of the songs detailed have commentary attached. 

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Philips Records

This is a small handbill, folded, issued by Philips Records Limited (UK), of LP’s issued under by Philips or Fontana.

Columbia albums were issued in the UK primarily under the Fontana banner and in Europe under Philips, particularly, The Netherlands.

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Publicity file, 1954

A three page flyer, prepared by Dave's agents in 1954, that included a synopsis of Dave's career to date and a brief bio of each member of the Quartet.

In is interesting to compare this publicity release to that issued six years later by Penn World Attractions (included in this section) , which was fare more detailed and professional.

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