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Uni Duisburg Big Band

Uni Duisburg Big Band  - CD cover

Label: Anthea Records
Year: 1994
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


The Basie Band Is Back In Town


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Bill Smith (clarinet)
Uni Duisburg Big Band (big band)


Recorded on 1st May 1994 at Gerhard-Mercator University, GHS, Duisburg, Germany. It was made after the ceremony when Dave Brubeck received his Honorary Doctorate from the University. The track was composed by Dave Brubeck and arranged by Chris Brubeck & Russell Gloyd.

The Uni Duisburg Big Band was as follows

Gerd Debring trumpet / flugelhorn
Dietrich Geese trumpet / flugelhorn
Ingo Schäfer trumpet / flugelhorn
Karin Otto trumpet / flugelhorn
Florian Beckmann trumpet / flugelhorn
Andreas Hammen trombone
Frank Peters trombone
Helmut Sablewski trombone
Werner Dillhage trombone
Jörg Wippich alto / soprano sax.
Eddie Möllmann alto / soprano sax.
Romano Schubert tenor sax.
Ralf Bazanella tenor sax.
Klaus Dapper baritone sax.
Rüdiger Nass guitar
Jan Keller bass
Hardi Barnewold drums

Reinhardt Glöder musical director

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