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To Hope! A Celebration

To Hope! A Celebration - Album cover

Label: Telarc
Year: 1996
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


I. Processional
II. Lord, Have Mercy (Kyrie)
III. The Desert and the Parched Land (Isaiah 35:1-4)
IV. The Peace of Jerusalem (Responsorial) (Based on Psalm 131)
V. Alleluia
VI. Father, All Powerful (Preface)
VII. Holy, Holy, Holy
VIII. While He Was at Supper(Institution-Narrative)
IX. When We Eat This Bread (Memorial Acclamation)
X. Through Him, With Him (Doxology)
XI. Great Amen
XII. Our Father
XIII. Lamb of God
XIV. All My Hope
XV. Gloria


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Bobby Militello (alto sax)
Jack Six (bass)
Randy Jones (drums)
Shelley Waite (Soprano)
Mark Bleeke (tenor)
Kevin Deas (bass baritone)
Duke Ellington School Of Arts Show Choir (choir)
Russell Gloyd (conductor)
Cathedral Choral Society Orchestra (orchestra)
Samuel Bonds (director)
J. Reilly Lewis (director)


1. Recorded in the The National Cathedral in Washington D.C.


All Music Guide review Copyright

Only a fraction of the sacred music written by Dave Brubeck has been recorded for commercial release; this commissioned piece marks the first time that one of his religious works has been recorded in its entirety in concert. With longtime manager Russell Gloyd conducting the Cathedral Choral Society Chorus & Orchestra and his regular quartet, Brubeck performed his Roman Catholic Mass in the Washington National Cathedral to a packed sanctuary. This stunning work incorporates jazz interludes into the hypnotic responsorial "The Peace of Jerusalem" and "Alleluia," a particularly challenging section for the choir. The vocal soloists are impressive; tenor Mark Bleeke's feature, "While He Was at Supper," is especially moving. The overall effect of this beautiful work is absolutely stunning. It resists being labeled in any one category; it is simply great music.

Ken Dryden

Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved

Concord Music Group Copyright

To many Dave Brubeck is the jazz pianist who led a famous quartet. Yet in the wake of the quartet's fame, many have overlooked Dave Brubeck the classical composer, the creator of what has become a sizable shelf of remarkable choral works. This month Telarc celebrates this side of Brubeck with the release of his Mass, To Hope! A Celebration.

This huge work enlists the forces of a chorus, vocal soloists, an orchestra and Dave's own jazz quartet. This release is a musical powerhouse captured on record in one of America's most stunning structures, The National Cathedral in Washington D.C.

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