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Time ln - 5 CD package set  - Original Album Classics - Sony/BMG - Germany5 CD package set - Original Album Classics - Sony/BMG - Germany
Time ln - For All Time - Columbia Box Set For All Time - Columbia Box Set
Time ln - Letter to fans on release of Letter to fans on release of "Time In".

Label: Columbia
Year: 1965
Released on LP: Yes
Released on CD: Yes


1. Lost Waltz
2. Softly, William, Softly
3. Time In
4. 40 Days
5. Travellin' Blues
6. He Done Her Wrong
7. Lonesome
8. Cassandra
9. Rude Old Man
10. Who Said That?
11. Watusi Drums.


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Joe Morello (drums)
Eugene Wright (bass)


1. Included in Sony Music Distribution 2004 Box Set of “For All Time” which included the following CD’s.

• Time Out
• Time Further Out,
• Countdown: Time in Outer Space
• Time Changes
• Time In

All of the CD’s had new liner notes written by Dave.

This edition of "Time In" included three additional bonus tracks, previously unreleased.

• Rude Old Man
• Who Said That?
• Watusi Drums.

2. Included in the 2010 5 CD package set - Original Album Classics - Sony/BMG - Germany

• Time Out
• Time Further Out,
• Countdown: Time in Outer Space
• Time Changes
• Time In

3. Included in the Columbia Legacy release in 2011 – “The Dave Brubeck Quartet - The Columbia Studio Albums Collection 1955 - 1966” - 19 albums packaged in a replica mini-LP sleeve.


All Music Guide – Review – copyright

Time In, issued in 1965, was the last of pianist and composer Dave Brubeck's "Time" recordings, and one of his most musically adventurous. Gone are the moody, silky textures and glissando moves of Time Out, or Time Further Out. In fact, of all the "Time" recordings, this is the least commercial and, in places, almost hard bop-oriented among them. This set goes beyond the entire West Coast idea as well. That's not to say there are no ballads -""Softly, William, Softly"" is one of the most gorgeous ballads Brubeck ever composed, with a memorable solo by Paul Desmond, who plays a slow, bluesy articulation over the pianist's augmented harmonic changes. But there's so much more.

The title track has Stravinsky-esque chords that introduce a delicate theme, which disintegrates into a dissonant swing. There is also Brubeck variation on "Frankie and Johnnie," on "He Done Her Wrong." This track comes charging out of the box ΰ la the Ramsey Lewis trio in a fit of pure one-four-five groove, with Desmond playing ostinato throughout the chorus. And here, Brubeck shows his love of tradition: Inside his solo, comprised of chords and striated intervallic figures that are just off the harmonic series, he never leaves the original behind; it is always readily evoked at any moment in the tune.

The set closes with "Cassandra," a piece with sleight-of-hand rhythms and fleet soloing by the pianist and Desmond. Brubeck himself comes out of the melody with a series of 16th notes that blaze into 32nds before he comes back to the changes for Desmond. All the while, Joe Morello is triple-timing the band even in the slower passages just to keep the pulse on target as Gene Wright and Brubeck move all around the time figures to create a sense of space around Desmond's solo. Though it is seldom celebrated as such, this is one of Brubeck's finest moments on Columbia.

Thom Jurek

© Copyright Rovi Corporation

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