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The Singles Collection 1956-1962

The Singles Collection 1956-1962  - CD Cover

Label: Jasmine
Year: 1956-1962
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


1. At A Perfume Counter - Brubeck Desmond (Fantasy 3-229) / Dave Brubeck Quartet (Fantasy 3-5)
2. Me And My Shadow - Brubeck Desmond (Fantasy 3-229) / Dave Brubeck Quartet (Fantasy 3-5)
3. Mam’selle - Brubeck Desmond (Fantasy 3-229) / Dave Brubeck Quartet (Fantasy 3-5)
4. Frenesi - Brubeck Desmond (Fantasy 3-229) / Dave Brubeck Quartet (Fantasy 3-5)
5. I’m In A Dancing Mood - Dave Brubeck And Jai and Kai At Newport
6. Lover - Jazz Red hot And Cool
7. Take Five (Single Version)
8. Blue Rondo A La Turk (Single Edit) - Time Out
9. The Piper - Brubeck A La Mode
10. Soliloquy - Brubeck A La Mode
11. It’s A Raggy Waltz (Single Version)
12. Blue Shadows In The Street
13. Take Five - Take Five with Carmen McRae
14. It’s A Raggy Waltz - Take Five with Carmen McRae
15. Easy As You Go - Take Five with Carmen McRae
16. Unsquare Dance - Time Further Out
17. Camptown Races - Gone With The Wind
18. Short’inn' Bread - Gone With The Wind
19. Countdown - Countdown Time In Outer Space
20. Eleven Four - Time In Outer Space
21. The Duke (Single Edit) - Newport '58
22. Tangerine (Single Edit) - In Europe
23. Far More Blue (Single Edit) - Time Further Out
24. Gone With The Wind (Single Edit) - Gone With The Wind
25. Bossa Nova U.S.A. - Bossa Nova USA
26. This Can’t Be Love (Single Edit) - Bossa Nova USA


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Eugene Wright (bass)
Joe Morello (drums)
Bob Bates (bass)
Joe Dodge (drums)
Carmen McRae (vocals)


Editor's Note :

1. This collection by Jasmine Records has several errors in the liner notes - see review below by author Philip Clark. In addition to these errors noted by Philip, Eugene Wright did not join the Quartet until 1958, not 1956 as stated in the notes.

2. It is a collection of singles, released by various record companies of Dave's music.

3. I have listed the album, where relevant, that the music originated from.

4. Where there has been an edit of the original song released on an album, for the single release, this has been noted. The liner notes claim that the edited versions of "The Duke" , "Tangerine", Far More Blue" and "Gone With The Wind", are released on CD here for the first time.

5. It includes 2 singles that were never released on albums and that collectors were aware of - Take Five and Blue Shadows In The Street.

6."Blue Shadows In The Street" was issued by Fontana (UK) as a 45 rpm single - catalogue number - H352.

"Take Five" was the single version issued by Columbia and different to that issued on the album "Time Out".

7. Other singles that were commercially released and never included on any album, to the disappointment of collectors are not included on this release. They are

* "Bossa Nova USA" from a concert at The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam on 3rd March 1962. The single was released on CBS (EU) EPCG-285.553.

* Bag O' Heat" was recorded on 23rd March 1963 in New York. It was issued on a 7" 45 rpm single - Columbia (USA) 4-43409.

* "Happy Bandito" was recorded two days later on 25th March 1963. It was included on the flip side of "Bag O' Heat".

* "Something to Sing About" was recorded on 20th May 1964 in New York City with Ranny Sinclair on vocals. It was released on a 7" 45rpm single, Columbia 4-43759.

* "Do Not Fold, Staple, Spindle or Mutilate" was recorded in Dave Brubeck's home, Wilton, CT. in August 1968 as part of the recording session for the Columbia LP release, "Summit Sessions".


Philip Clark

Dave Brubeck Quartet
The Singles Collection 1956-1962
Jasmine JASMCD 2695 Three stars (CD)

Bill Smith (cl), Paul Desmond (as), Dave Brubeck (p), Bob Bates, Eugene Wright (b), Joe Dodge, Joe Morello (d), Carmen McRae (v)

Rec. November 1951 to July 1962

1956? This compilation of singles released by the Dave Brubeck Quartet actually begins in 1951, with the quartet’s second outing in a recording studio.

Jasmine have also muddled the personnel – Brubeck and Desmond were joined by Wyatt Ruther (bass) and Herb Barman (drums), not Bob Bates and Joe Dodge, as they recorded Dave’s crisply polytonal, rhythmically Cubist rethinks of ‘Me And My Shadow’, ‘Mam’selle’, ‘Frenesi’ and his own ‘At A Perfume Counter’.

After the quartet had signed to Columbia in 1954, the fascination, largely, is in hearing how familiar album tracks were edited, or entirely remade, for the 45rpm single. That widely held assumption that the single of ‘Take Five’, released in 1961, was sieved from the version on Time Out is mistaken. The single utilised a different take, with a slighter peppier vamp from Brubeck, a briefer drum solo from Morello – and with Desmond flirting with the melodic shapes that would find their ultimate form on the album.

To make a single from ‘Blue Rondo à la Turk’, Columbia simply slashed all the solos, crippling the piece’s structure; and whether ‘Take Five’ (also ‘It’s A Raggy Waltz’) benefitted much from the add-on lyrics that Carmen McRae recorded with the group in 1961 is questionable. Pieces like ‘Unsquare Dance’ (Time Further Out) and ‘Short’nin’ Bread’ (Gone With The Wind) were compact enough to appear as singles without editorial intervention; ditto the gorgeously whimsical ‘Eleven Four’ (Countdown—Time in Outer Space). But ‘Tangerine’ (In Europe) suffered the indignity of having all its audaciously labyrinthine solos cut – that’s showbiz, folks.

Philip Clark

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