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The Gates of Justice

The Gates of Justice - LP- back cover

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The Gates of Justice - Album coverAlbum cover

Label: Decca
Year: 1969
Released on LP: Yes
Released on CD: No


1. Lord, The Heaven of Heavens
2. Oh, Come Let Us Sing
3. Open the Gates
4. Except the Lord Build the House
5. Lord, Lord
6. Ye Shall Be Holy
7. Shout Unto the Lord
8. When I Behold Thy Heavens
9. How Glorious Is Thy Name
10. The Lord Is Good
11. His Truth Is a Shield
12. Oh, Come Let Us Sing a New Song


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Jack Six (bass)
Alan Dawson (drums)
Robert Delcamp (organ)
McHenry Boatwright (bass baritone)
Cantor Harold Orbach (tenor)
The Cinncinatti Brass Ensemble (orchestra)
The Westminster Choir (vocals)
Robert Carwithen (director)
Eric Kunzel (conductor)


1. Recorded on 19th October 1969 and includes "The Cinncinatti Brass Ensemble".

2. Music by Dave Brubeck; text adapted by Dave & Iola Brubeck.

3. This recording has never been eleased on CD.

4. The Gates of Justice is a cantata mixing Biblical scripture with the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


All Music Guide Review copyright

Written in the wake of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, Dave Brubeck's second religious concert work -- actually a cantata -- finds his outlook darkening as he contemplates the historic struggles of Jews and blacks. Yet he remains optimistic about his overarching theme, the brotherhood of man. This is a more violent piece than The Light In the Wilderness, the music at first anchored in abrasive Hebraic modes, then somber Negro spirituals, and gradually, everything but the kitchen sink gets tossed into the mix in the wild "The Lord Is Good" segment.

The then-current Brubeck Trio with Jack Six (bass) and Alan Dawson (drums) is on hand, though even Dave's fervent aficionados may be jarred by his polytonal playing of an out-of-tune rock combo organ, and Erich Kunzel ably conducts a brass ensemble from Cincinnati and the New York-based Westminster Choir. While the music of Gates isn't quite as consistent as that of Wilderness, the vitality of Brubeck's writing sees the work through.

Richard S. Ginell

Copyright Rovi Corporation

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