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The Dave Brubeck Quartet Live at Newport 1961/1963/1964

The Dave Brubeck Quartet Live at Newport 1961/1963/1964 - CD

Label: Columbia Legacy
Year: 1961
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


1. St. Louis Blues
2. Waltz Limp
3. Since Love Had Its Way
4. Koto Song
5. Pennies From Heaven
6. You Go To My Head
7. Blue Rondo A La Turk
8. Take Five


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Joe Morello (drums)
Eugene Wright (bass)


The 50th Anniversary Legacy Edition of Time Out features the original album, re-mastered, plus a full second CD of previously unreleased recordings from the Newport Jazz Festival 1961-1964.


All Music Guide CD - Review copyright

The 50th Anniversary Edition of the Dave Brubeck Quartet's bona fide classic, Time Out, was issued in May of 2009 by Sony Legacy.

For the real fan, it's the bonus discs that warrant the attention here. First there's a second audio CD that contains previously unreleased concert recordings form 1961, 1963, and 1964 with the classic quartet of Brubeck, alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, bassist Eugene Wright, and drummer Joe Morello. The track list is stellar and includes standards such as "Pennies from Heaven," and "You Go to My Head," in addition to live versions of both "Take Five," and "Blue Rondo la Turk." There are eight tracks in all running 54 minutes; Brubeck and Desmond inspire the performances with some really knotty improvisation and brilliant contrapuntal exchanges between them.

Thom Jurek

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All About Jazz Review

The crown jewel of this edition, however, has to be the bonus disc featuring the same quartet from Time Out in various performances at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1961, '63 and '64. It's hard to describe the thrill of listening to this classic ensemble playing at its very best and to audiences whose enthusiasm equals that of the performers on stage. Highlights include the haunting, noir-ish "Koto Song," as well as Brubeck's magnificent solo work on "Pennies From Heaven."

Graham L Flanagan

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