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Live In Portland 1959

Live In Portland 1959                                                                 - CD Cover

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Live In Portland 1959                                                                 - Dave Brubeck Three Classic albums - Avid Jazz Dave Brubeck Three Classic albums - Avid Jazz

Label: Domino Records
Year: 1959
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


1. Two Part Contention
2. The Lonesome Road
3. Take the "A" Train
4. When the Saints Go Marchin' In
5. I'm In a Dancing Mood
6. Someday My Prince Will Come
7. Sounds Of The Loop


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Joe Morello (drums)
Eugene Wright (bass)


1. Also released as part of a 3 CD package" Dave Brubeck Three Classic albums" - Avid Jazz . This includes "Time Out & Gone With The Wind"

2. Track 7 is is incorrectly listed as "Drum Feature".

3. Among the highlights of the Portland performance is the only existing version of “When the Saints Go Marching In” by the Desmond-Brubeck-Wright-Morello Quartet

4. Includes 8 page booklet.

5. Recording date 4 April 1959.

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