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Live In Indiana 1958

Live In Indiana 1958 - CD front cover

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Live In Indiana 1958 - CD back cover CD back cover
Live In Indiana 1958 - CD CD

Label: American Jazz Classics
Year: 1958 1960 1961
Released on LP: Yes
Released on CD: Yes


01. Nomad
02. Thank You (Dziekuje)
03. The Golden Horn
04. Brandenburg Gate
05. Sounds of the Loop
06. Swanee River
07. Southern Scene
08. I’m in a Dancing Mood
09. Dialogues for Jazz Comboand Orchestra – Adagio
10. Blue Rondo a la Turk
11.Take Five


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Joe Morello (drums)
Eugene Wright (bass)


Tracks 1- 5 - Live at the French Lick Jazz Festival, Indiana, August 17, 1958

Tracks 6-10 - Live at the Newport Jazz Festival,
Newport, Rhode Island, June 30, 1960

Track 11 - Live in New York, June 1961

Tracks 1-10 were taken from Wolfgang's Vault . For detailed notes on these concerts go to the Recordings section of this website and under "Categories" click on "Wolfgang's Vault."

Note: Wolfgang's Vault is a private music-focused company established in 2002 dedicated to the restoration and archiving of live concert recordings in audio and video format and the sale of music memorabilia. It began with the collection of the late promoter Bill Graham, and added multiple other music and memorabilia archives

Track 11 -“Take Five” - is from Brubeck’s 1959 set at the Newport Jazz Festival that has been included on previous bootlegs.

The recording has also been issued on LP - Fingerpoppin' Records (EU / E) 80330


From notes on CD :

Following the year-long world tour set up by the State Department, The Dave Brubeck Quartet returned to the United States in 1958 full of new ideas. The group had played in England, Germany, Scotland, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, and the music they heard in those places would inspire Brubeck to compose the pieces that would be featured on the album Jazz Impressions of Eurasia.

A few days before taping that studio album, the group performed most of its tunes in Indiana, during the French Lick Jazz Festival, a set heard here in its entirety.

A wonderful performance by the same group at the 1960 Newport Jazz Festival and a rare live reading of the classic “Take Five” have been added as a bonus.

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