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Jazz lmpressions of The U.S.A.

Jazz lmpressions of The U.S.A. - LP cover

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Jazz lmpressions of The U.S.A. - Classic Album Collection - 3 CD -(see notes) Classic Album Collection - 3 CD -(see notes)

Label: Columbia
Year: 1957
Released on LP: Yes
Released on CD: Yes


1. Ode to a Cowboy
2. Summer Song
3. Yonder for Two
4. History of a Boy Scout (We Crossed the Rhine)
5. Plainsong
6. Curtain Time
7. Sounds of the Loop
8. Home at Last


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Joe Morello (drums)
Norman Bates (bass)


1. Never released by Columbia as a separate CD.

2. Included in the Columbia Legacy release in 2011 – “The Dave Brubeck Quartet - The Columbia Studio Albums Collection 1955 - 1966” - 19 albums packaged in a replica mini-LP sleeve.

3. Issued on CD by European label, Gambit in 2009.

As a bonus the label added two more Brubeck tracks which have never appeared before on CD (both were issued only on separate long out of print LP compilations): "Two Sleepy People" and "Pilgrim's Progress".

4. Included in a 3 CD pack - Classic Album Collection - Dave Brubeck - Golden Stars label.


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For this new musical adventure, pianist Dave Brubeck wrote eight diverse songs, of which "Summer Song" would be the best-known. This out-of-print LP was the debut of drummer Joe Morello with Brubeck's Quartet which at the time also featured altoist Paul Desmond and bassist Norman Bates. Excellent music, although it's not quite as essential as their live performances of the era.

Scott Yanow

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