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In Their Own Sweet Way

In Their Own Sweet Way - Album cover

Label: Telarc
Year: 1997
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


1. In Your Own Sweet Way
2. Bifocal Blues
3. Sermon On The Mount
4. Michael, My Second Son
5. Ode To A Cowboy
6. Dave 'N' Darius
7. We Will All Remember Paul
8. Sixth Sense
9. My One Bad Habit
10. Sweet Georgia Brown


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Chris Brubeck (electric bass, bass trombone)
Darius Brubeck (electric piano)
Danny Brubeck (drums)
Matthew Brubeck (cello)


Concord Music Group - review - copyright

For his seventh Telarc album, IN THEIR OWN SWEET WAY, pianist Dave Brubeck again reinvents himself with fresh verve. A special session featuring the legendary musician with his four sons, the ten-tune album originated during a January 1994 winter storm while the entire Brubeck family had gathered in nearby Connecticut for the holidays and the New York studio unexpectedly became available.

Dave and sons Darius (piano), Chris (bass trombone), Dan (drums), and Matthew (cello) united in genuine family spirit to record six beautifully interpreted, original tunes in the New York studio and the remaining four at Russian Hall Recording in San Francisco on September 7-8, 1995.

Dave has performed and recorded with Darius, Chris and Dan in concert since the 1970s and their "Two Generations of Brubeck" tour and album, and frequently records with Chris. However, IN THEIR OWN SWEET WAY captures for the first time, all of the Brubeck musicians with their father, including classically-trained cellist, Matthew, the youngest son.

IN THEIR OWN SWEET WAY highlights ten diverse selections performed in various Brubeck congregations. Titled after Brubeck's most-recorded composition and the leading tune, "In Your Own Sweet Way," the album includes the jaunty swinger, "Bifocal Blues" (written originally as "Bitonal Blues," then renamed to poke fun at 77-year old dad). With the sensitively sweet ballad ("We Will All Remember Paul") that features Chris's fine trombone solo, Dave honors his late saxophonist, Paul Desmond--a great musician who was "uncle" to the Brubeck kids. Dave honors familial links with songs dedicated to his sons and the Brubeck crew celebrates Ella Fitzgerald with "My One Bad Habit." A jubilant New Orleans-styled rouser, "Sweet Georgia Brown," caps off the album.

All Music Guide Review copyright

A rare reunion of the far-flung Brubeck family, this attractive CD came about by sheer accident. A massive New York snowstorm caused the cancellation of a classical two-piano recording session and the Brubeck clan, then celebrating the holiday season at Dave's home in Wilton, Connecticut, happened to be available on short notice. Here the quartet -- Dave, Darius, Chris and Dan -- becomes a quintet for the first time with addition of cellist Matthew, whose straight classical technique adds a brooding dimension to the group in certain optimum settings, though he remains somewhat of an outsider.

As do most of Dave's Telarc albums, this one has an autumnal tone as the mellowing septuagenarian pianist plays the wise old master, playing in a more lyrical, reflective manner, revisiting past work and contributing a few new tunes. When Dave and Darius play together, Dave still remains the more immediately striking personality while Darius leans more toward mainstream jazz styles. On the relaxed two-piano blues duet "Dave 'n Darius," the two blend well together without overloading the sound; Darius even adroitly picks up the ball where his dad's ideas leave off.

Chris contributes most of the humorous touches, whether on bass or bass trombone, and Dan's drums offer mostly subtle support and cooking New Orleans funk (in 7/4 time!) on the sole non-Brubeck tune, "Sweet Georgia Brown." Dave Brubeck's Indian summer continues to be an unusually fruitful one.

Richard S. Ginell

Copyright Rovi Corporation

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