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I'm In A Dancing Mood

I'm In A Dancing Mood  - CD cover

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I'm In A Dancing Mood  - Acrobat Music CD Acrobat Music CD
I'm In A Dancing Mood  - Jazz Band Records - CD Jazz Band Records - CD
I'm In A Dancing Mood  - Jazz Band Records LP (see notes)Jazz Band Records LP (see notes)

Label: TKO Records
Year: 1956
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


1. Theme (The Duke) - Intro
2. Stardust
3. Gone With The Wind
4. Stompin' For Mili
5. Out Of Nowhere (Incomplete)
6. A Minor Thing
7. In Your Own Sweet Way
8. The Trolley Song
9. Introduction & The Duke
10. Love Walked In
11. Here Lies Love
12. All The Things You Are
13. Theme (The Duke) - Intro
14. I'm In A Dancing Mood
15. The Song Is For You


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Norman Bates (bass)
Joe Dodge (drums)
Joe Morello (drums)


1. Tracks 1-12 were broadcast live from Basin Street Jazz Club, February 1956. Joe Dodge was on drums.

2. Tracks 13-15 were broadcast live from The Blue Note, Chicago, March 1957. Joe Morello was on drums.

3. Note for the collector - all of these tracks are on the CD's/LP

• "On The Radio Live 1956-57", Acrobat Music .

• “The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Live in 1956-57 featuring Paul Desmond” - Jazz Band Records.

•10 of the Basin Street recordings are included on the 12" LP, "The Dave Brubeck Quartet Live From The Basin Street N.Y.C." – Jazz Band Records


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This Review was from “On The Radio Live” - Acrobat Music – identical tracks.

Dave Brubeck occupies a unique spot in jazz—a living legend that has enjoyed both commercial success and critical acclaim (albeit meandering) throughout his nearly six-decade career. Brubeck, along with longtime sparring partner alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, were the one-two punch behind a quartet that constantly pushed boundaries (offbeat time signatures, simultaneous multiple keys) and played within them (progenitors of West Coast cool jazz) to the point where measured beauty and tone enveloped the listener. Though Brubeck was always avant-garde, the quartet was a hit for a reason.

The rising tide of that success can be found on The Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Paul Desmond On The Radio: Live 1956-57. The 15-track disc showcases the band at two residences, the Basin Street Jazz Club in New York from February 1956 and The Blue Note in Chicago, March 1957. Brubeck tackles standards "Stardust" and "Gone with the Wind," as well as originals "In Your Own Sweet Way" and "Stompin' For Mili" (co-written with Desmond).

The disc, featuring bassist Norman Bates and drummer Joe Dodge—who both would eventually be replaced by the end of 1957 prior to the landmark Time Out—shows Brubeck and Desmond tinkering and exploring with their signature sound within their famously dynamic interplay. Joe Morello, who replaced Dodge on drums, joins the group for its stay at the Blue Note, found in the disc's final three songs.

Paul C Dowd

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