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Helena Rubenstein & Columbia Records

Helena Rubenstein & Columbia Records  - Record

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Helena Rubenstein & Columbia Records  - Helena Rubenstein adHelena Rubenstein ad
Helena Rubenstein & Columbia Records  - Helena Rubenstein record Helena Rubenstein record

Label: Columbia
Year: 1954
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: No




Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Bob Bates (bass)
Joe Dodge (drums)


In late 1954, the Helena Rubenstein cosmetics company launched an advertising campaign in major fashion magazines to promote a lipstick called “Red Hot and Cool”. The ad featured in different full-page advertisements included four prominent jazz musicians, including Dave Brubeck.

The photograph used in the Brubeck Quartet ad, taken at the “hungry i” in San Francisco, became the cover of “Jazz: Red Hot & Cool”.

As a joint Rubinstein promotion Columbia released a six inch, red-orange vinyl record in 78 rpm speed. The liner notes suggest the Columbia catalogue and promotional record came with the lipstick in a special case.

One of the rarest of all records for Brubeck collectors the record contains excerpts from Turk Murphy and Eddie Condon on its “Jazz Combo Hot” side and Dave Brubeck and Pete Rugolo on its “Jazz Combo Cool” side.

The track "Audrey" was originally included on the 1954 Columbia release "Brubeck Time".

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