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Everybody Wants To Be a Cat

Everybody Wants To Be a Cat  - CD cover

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Everybody Wants To Be a Cat  - Roberta Gambarini with Dave BrubeckRoberta Gambarini with Dave Brubeck

Label: Disney Pearl
Year: 2011
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


Some Day My Prince Will Come
Alice In Wonderland


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Randy Jones (drums)
Michael Moore (bass)
Roberta Gambarini (vocals)


Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York.

Roberta Gambarini sings on "Alice In Wonderland".



It's well known that Walt Disney loved jazz music, but aside from his personal relationship with Louis Armstrong that he used to coax the jazz trumpet great to record an album's worth of Disney songs in 1966, the catalog of jazz music from the Disney family of labels has been rather small....until now. "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat" is a brand new collection of 13 classic Disney songs recorded by a mix of Jazz luminaries and newcomers that have risen to the top of the crop of future Jazz greats.

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