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Dave Brubeck with Paul Desmond at the Free Trade Hall, 1958

Dave Brubeck with Paul Desmond at the Free Trade Hall, 1958 - CD cover

Label: Solar
Year: 1958
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


1. Introductions
2. Gone With the Wind
3. One Moment Worth Years
4. Watusi Drums
5. For All We Know
6. God Save the Queen
7. In Your Own Sweet Way
8. The Wright Groove
9. The Duke
10. Take the A Train
11. St. Louis Blues
12. Audrey [Incomplete]


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Joe Morello (drums)
Eugene Wright (bass)


Recorded live at Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England, February 14 1958.

Includes 12-page booklet. 2 CD's.



EU two CD live archive release containing a complete previously unreleased Dave Brubeck concert from Manchester. Taped around February 20, 1958, this is the first existing recording by the classic quartet with Paul Desmond, Gene Wright and Joe Morello (Wright had only joined the group the previous month). Among its many highlights are versions of tunes rarely recorded by the group, like 'Watusi Drums', 'One Moment Worth Years', and 'The Wright Groove', as well as a marvelous 'St. Louis Blues', a short reading of 'God Save The Queen', and the only version of 'Audrey' by the classic quartet.

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