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Dave Brubeck in Moscow

Dave Brubeck in Moscow - Melodia release - LP - Volume 2

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Dave Brubeck in Moscow - Album Cover - Volume 1  Album Cover - Volume 1
Dave Brubeck in Moscow - LP cover back LP cover back

Label: Melodiya
Year: 1987
Released on LP: Yes
Released on CD: No


1. Theme For June
2. Give Me A Hit
3. Unsquare Dance
4. Take Five
5. These Foolish Things
6. Pange Lingua March
7. Koto Song
8. Someday My Prince
9. Blues For Newport
10. King For A Day


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Bill Smith (clarinet)
Chris Brubeck (electric bass)
Randy Jones (drums)


1. Recorded at Rossiya Concert Hall, Moscow, March 1987.

2. The concert was also recorded by Concord Jazz and released on both LP and CD.

3. The Melodiya release has never been issued on CD.

4. It was also released on a bootleg CD by Bohème, "Dave Brubeck In Moscow".

Thus this concert from the Rossiya Concert Hall, Moscow in March 1987 has been released on three different sources;

• Concord Jazz “Moscow Night”. (C)
• Melodiya “Dave Brubeck In Moscow Volume 1 & 2”. (M)
• Bohème “”Dave Brubeck In Moscow”. (B)

The tracks from the entire concert are listed below and identified to each release (M – Melodiya / C – Concord / B – Bohème)

Three To Get Ready C
Theme For June C/M/B
Give Me A Hit C/M
Unsquare Dance C/M/B
St Louis Blues C
Take Five C/M/B
These Foolish Things M/B
Pange Lingua March M/B
Koto Song M/B
Someday My Prince M/B
Blues For Newport M/B
King For A Day M/B

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