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Dave Brubeck Trio - Live at the Wiener Konzerthaus

Dave Brubeck Trio - Live at the Wiener Konzerthaus - LP cover

Label: Edition ÷1 - ORF
Year: 1967
Released on LP: Yes
Released on CD: No


1 St. Louis Blues
2 One Moment Worth Years
3 Swanee River
4 La Paloma Azul
5 Someday My Prince Will Come
6 Take The "A" Train


The LP includes a code to download digitally.


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Joe Morello (drums)
Eugene Wright (bass)


This wonderful European audiophile LP release is issued by ORF - the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and is fully authorised by the Brubeck family.

The US album will be distributed later on in 2021 by the Brubeck Family label - Brubeck Family Editions.

Production notes:

On November 12, 1967, Dave Brubeck made a guest appearance in Vienna as part of the Dave Brubeck Quartet's last European tour in an unexpected formation: Together with double bassist Eugene Wright and drummer Joe Morello, but without saxophonist Paul Desmond, he played two concerts at the Vienna Konzerthaus, one of which has since been stored in a recording in the archive of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF.

The reason given for Desmond's absence was an illness - which took its beginning the night before on Hamburg's Reeperbahn. More details about this and the role Vienna played in Dave Brubeck's artistic life can be read in the liner notes of the production.

The Vienna trio concert has the status of a rare document. Not only is it one of the few published recordings from the Brubeck Quartet's European farewell tour, the recording also offers one of the rare opportunities to experience Dave Brubeck in a classical piano trio setting.

Liner Notes: Chris Brubeck, Darius Brubeck, and Andreas Felber

Record Label notes:

Ulrike Tina Leitner - Edition ÷1 ©

"Edition ÷1" is the house label of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF.

It presents selected broadcasts, recordings and archive productions on CD and LP as well as digitally in order to make the broadcaster's diverse programme audible to its audience beyond the transience of the radio format. ORF publish a mixture of productions from various areas of the station (15-20 productions per year).

Currently ORF have a focus on jazz, where young Austrian jazz musicians are celebrated in the series "÷1 Jazz contemporary". The Dave Brubeck album starts the series "÷1 Jazz treasures" on vinyl, which will be continued in autumn 2021 with another release Jazz record.

In addition, there have been numerous classical music productions. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's "Elias" was released in Autumn 2021.

ORF also publish literary works.

The Dave Brubeck album can be purchased direct from ORF ( cut and paste link below)


phone: +43 (0)1 50170-373 (Mon - Fri: 8.30 - 17.00)

All ORF works can be purchased at



Liner notes by Darius Brubeck, Chris Brubeck.

Dave said of the classic quartet that their best concerts were when he was angry. This time Dave was mad because Paul was unaccountably absent. This unplanned Trio turned in a performance charged with energy, dynamics and confident shifts of style and feel, opening with four up-tempo numbers with extended improvisations and usually featuring bass and drum solos. Daveís late trio style celebrates earlier influences. "One Moment Worth Years", the only original, was composed as a tribute to Fats Waller and Daveís choruses demonstrate modern freedoms with old school pianistic devices. Sans sax, melodic ideas are secondary to variations of rhythms and texture, and the audience appreciates this. The piano roars like a bluesy big band on the up-tempo numbers, is delicate on "La Paloma Azul" and flashy on "Someday My Prince Will Come". This is a rare, revealing and indeed accidental addition to the Brubeck legacy. In the end, everyone was happy.

Darius Brubeck

Since I had been the bass player in his band for many years, I enjoyed the privilege to perform with my father in front of large audiences on Viennaís most famous historical stages. From backstage before the performance Dad would look out into the venue and marvel that he was going to have the good fortune to play in the same building where the greatest musicians and composers bad performed centuries before. Dave also knew that the Vienna audiences were musically sophisticated and had enough know- edge of the jazz art form to appreciate and follow the groupís musical explorations. It is safe to say Vienna was one of Dave Brubeckís favorite places to play in the world. Dave often said that the audience was the fifth member of his quartet. In this unique situation, the trio played a very unusual and inspired set that was no doubt influenced by this concertís fourth member of the ensemble - the Viennese audience.

Chris Brubeck

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