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Dave Brubeck Quartet, Live 1967

Dave Brubeck Quartet, Live 1967  - CD cover

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Dave Brubeck Quartet, Live 1967  - Take Five Live - Jazz Music Yesterday (see notes)Take Five Live - Jazz Music Yesterday (see notes)

Label: Blu Jazz
Year: 1967
Released on LP: No
Released on CD: Yes


1. St. Louis Blues
2. Forty Days
3. One Moment Worth Years
4. Mexican Folk Song
5. Blues for Morello
6. Take Five
7. Take the "A" Train
8. Cassandra


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Joe Morello (drums)
Alan Dawson (bass)


The CD, "Dave Brubeck featuring Paul Desmond - Take Five Live" - is from the previous days concert, 22nd July 1967.


Notes issued by Record Co on release

A rare album of the Dave Brubeck Quartet with the only issue of the second concert in Juan-les-Pins on july 23, 1967. The first one was the day before and was issued as Dave Brubeck Take Five Live (Jazz Music Yesterday (It) JMY 1001-2) today unavailable. The program of this second set is more rich, with three takes not present in the first one.

The review of the CD - Dave Brubeck Take Five Live (Jazz Music Yesterday (It) JMY 1001-2) is below .

All Music Guide copyright

It's easy to identify this live date as an unauthorized recording because of the poor balance of the instruments, the misidentification of songs, the odd use of actress Susan Dey's photo on the cover, and that Dave Brubeck was still signed to an exclusive contract by Columbia at the time of this concert. The opener is a lengthy "One Moment Worth Years" (listed as "One Moment"), followed by the pretty Mexican folk tune "La Paloma Azul" (listed as "Mexican Folk Song"), which became of favorite of Brubeck & Desmond.

"Blues For Joe" is an improvisation featuring an extended solo by drummer Joe Morello, while the version of "Take Five" is surprisingly short with an average solo by Paul Desmond and a brief but more effective solo by the pianist. "Take The 'A' Train" shows Brubeck's fondness for disguised introductions. This CD will be sought by Brubeck fans but can't be considered essential due to it's less than high fidelity sound.

Ken Dryden

Copyright Rovi Corporation

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