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Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond

Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond  - LP cover

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Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond  - The Quartet - CD - see notesThe Quartet - CD - see notes
Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond  - Brubeck Time ( see notes) Brubeck Time ( see notes)
Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond  - Carnegie Hall CD ( see notes) Carnegie Hall CD ( see notes)

Label: Giants Of Jazz
Year: 1954
Released on LP: Yes
Released on CD: No


1. Take Five
2. Forty Days
3. Audrey
4. St. Louis Blues
5. Blue Rondo A La Turk
6. Stompin For Mili
7. Three To Get Ready


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Paul Desmond (alto sax)
Bob Bates (bass)
Joe Dodge (drums)
Joe Morello (drums)
Eugene Wright (bass)


1. “Take Five” & “Blue Rondo a la Turk” are from the 1963 concert at Carnegie Hall, both issued on LP and CD by Columbia.

2. “Audrey” and “Stompin For Mili” are from 1954 recordings and included in the Columbia release “Brubeck Time”

3. The remaining tracks are suggested to be from a 1961 concert in Europe; location unknown. These tracks are included in numerous other bootleg CD’s and LP’s, two of which are “Dave Brubeck - The Quartet" issued by Denon and Laserlight labels.

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