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Brubeck plays Brubeck

Brubeck plays Brubeck - Album cover

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Brubeck plays Brubeck - Columbia Lovers Club, LPColumbia Lovers Club, LP
Brubeck plays Brubeck - Columbia Lovers Club, LP, front cover Columbia Lovers Club, LP, front cover
Brubeck plays Brubeck - Philips LP Philips LP
Brubeck plays Brubeck - 2010 5 CD package set  - Original Album Classics - Sony/BMG 2010 5 CD package set - Original Album Classics - Sony/BMG

Label: Columbia
Year: 1956
Released on LP: Yes
Released on CD: Yes


1. Swing Bells
2. Walkin' Line
3. In Your Own Sweet Way
4. Two-Part Contention
5. Weep No More
6. The Duke
7. When I Was Young
8. One Moment Worth Years
9. The Waltz


Dave Brubeck (piano)


1. Recorded March & April 1956.

2. Released as CD in mini LP format in Japan under the "Sony Master Sound" series - Sony Records SRCS 9528.

3. Included in the 2010 5 CD package set - Original Album Classics - Sony/BMG - Germany

1. Jazz Goes to College
2. Gone with the Wind
3. Brandenburg Gate: Revisited
4. Jazz Impressions of New York
5. Brubeck Plays Brubeck

4. Dave commented in the liner notes -

"The "compositions" in this album are not composed in the usual sense of the term. They are primarily sketches - a skeletal framework upon which improvise, to express a mood or emotion or stimulate musical ideas. These little offerings make no pretense as "composition", but at the same time I have tried to construct melody lines which have a certain value of their own, and above all to offer as "original" something more unique than a new version of the blues." "I am grateful for the challenge and the opportunity this solo album of "originals" has afforded me. The challenge lay in improvising on new themes and new chord structures without the rehearsal experience of years of performance."


All Music Guide Review copyright

Dave Brubeck has had a strikingly original style ever since he appeared on records, avoiding the usual Bud Powell runs and instead expressing his training in classical music and his interest in polyrhythms and polytonality while never forgetting to swing. On his first solo piano record, Brubeck not only plays quite well but introduces such new compositions as "In Your Own Sweet Way" and "One Moment Worth Years" in addition to performing a remake of "The Duke."

Scott Yanow

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