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Brother, The Great Spirit Made Us All

Brother, The Great Spirit Made Us All - Album cover

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Brother, The Great Spirit Made Us All - LP - back cover LP - back cover
Brother, The Great Spirit Made Us All - Colletable Jazz CD Colletable Jazz CD
Brother, The Great Spirit Made Us All - Atlantic Japan CD releaseAtlantic Japan CD release

Label: Atlantic
Year: 1974
Released on LP: Yes
Released on CD: Yes


1. Mr. Broadway
2. Forty Days
3. Duke
4. It's a Raggy Waltz
5. Sky Scape
6. Temptation Boogie
7. Ragaroni
8. Christopher Columbus


Dave Brubeck (piano)
Danny Brubeck (drums)
Chris Brubeck (electric bass, bass trombone)
Darius Brubeck (electric piano)
Jerry Bergonzi (tenor sax)
Perry Robinson (clarinet)
Dave Powell (electric bass)
Peter “Madcath” Ruth (harmonica)


1. Never released by Atlantic on CD.

2. Released as a double CD with " Truth " by "Collectable Jazz Classics" label.

3. Dave did not participate on tracks 5,6 and 7.

4. Released in 2013 on CD for the first time by Warner Music Japan.


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Pianist Dave Brubeck and three of his sons (keyboardist Darius, drummer Danny and Chris on trombone and bass), with the assistance of such players as Jerry Bergonzi (on tenor and soprano), clarinetist Perry Robinson and Madcat Ruth on harmonica, perform colorful treatments of a wide variety of swinging pieces. Highlights include "It's a Raggy Waltz," "Temptation Boogie" and "Christopher Columbus"; Dave Brubeck takes "The Duke" solo.

Scott Yanow

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