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16 February 2020

New biography, Dave Brubeck: A Life in Time, launches

A Life In Time.jpg

One of the definitive highlights of the Dave Brubeck centennial year arrives this week in the form of the eagerly awaited new biography, Dave Brubeck: A Life In Time, by author Philip Clark ( image opposite) with foreword by Chick Corea.

Click here for further information and detailed reviews all of which have been extremely positive - some summary reviews below.

Summary Reviews  

"A nontraditional biography that sings...as unconventional and compelling as its subject."


"A concise but comprehensive biography... [Clark] hits the right notes for die-hard Brubeck disciples and jazz neophytes alike."


"[A] remarkable biography... [Clark writes] intelligently and joyously... [and] fittingly, for a Brubeck biography, this is also a multifarious work; adventurous with narrative and structure."


"The emphasis on the technical side of Brubeck's music, and on Brubeck's impact on rock and other nonjazz music, is thought provoking."


Biography, social history, musicological exploration ... this wonderful book is many things. But above all, it is a sort of intoxicating literary jam session. Words and sentences spit and spin and swing, creating rhythms and harmonies worthy of Brubeck himself. The sheer descriptive verve, page after page, made me want to listen to every single musical example cited. A major achievement."

STEPHEN HOUGH, classical pianist and composer

"This is the writing about jazz that we've been waiting for. By keeping the music at the center, and interweaving the background of cultural, political and social change to illuminate the development of the music, Clark gives us a complete picture of the artist's life and work."

MIKE WESTBROOK, jazz pianist and composer

"DAVE BRUBECK: A Life in Time is about the timeless life of the inspired and inspiring jazz master Dave Brubeck. This biography, written with love and passion, is a landmark document that is insightful and inspiring all in itself. Bravo!"

JOE LOVANO, jazz saxophonist