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05 April 2023

Can the Dave Brubeck Cantata Bring Black and Jewish Communities Together?


The Daily Beast  - ©  Larry Blumenfeld

Following the recent performances of "The Gates Of Justice", Mr. Larry Blumenfeld of the "The Daily Beast"  ©  has written a wonderful, informative and thought provoking article titled "Can Dave Brubeck’s Cantata Bring Black and Jewish Communities Together?

Mr Bluemenfeld previously interviewed Dave in 2004 prior to a performance by him of the "Gates Of Justice" and he  asked how he thought the piece would be received all those years later, and what his hopes were for its presentation. “We’ll see,” Dave said,  and then paused before going on. “You know, when Dr. King said, ‘We must live together as brothers,’ people didn’t hear it. Now they damn well better hear it. In this piece, that’s what I’m talking about.”

With contributions from Darius and Chris Brubeck this article is highly recommended and compulsory reading for all Dave Brubeck fans and indeed everybody.

Click here for article.