21 February 2016

Dave Brubeck - Holt -Atherton Collections

Brubeck Holt Atherton.jpg

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University of the Pacific alumni, Dave and Iola Brubeck, established the Brubeck Collection and the Brubeck Institute in conjunction with their alma mater to preserve, promote, and pass on the rich legacy of jazz to future generations. The Brubeck Collection is a unique accumulation of materials representing Dave’s creative life.

It includes:

• Gallery of images charting every aspect of Dave’s life and career.

• Interviews with Dave and Iola in 2007 where they discussed a broad range of topics from throughout their lives.

• Special selection of images of the tour of Europe and Asia by the U.S. State Department.

• Collection of letters, photographs, scripts, and audio documenting  the creation of The Real Ambassadors, a jazz musical which outlined the absurdity of segregation and made the case that artists such as Louis Armstrong are the best and "real" ambassadors to demonstrate a nation's ideals.